Learning To Play Go

This section is intended for people who have just learned about Go. If you visit each link on this page in order, you will have a solid understanding of how to begin playing. Most links are taken from the AGA Website (USGo.org).

The American Ing Goe has made a 15 minute video called "Go Basics," which is a brief introduction to the game.

For absolute beginners, a good way to learn Go is to download and read Karl Baker's "The Way To Go", a free PDF file from the AGA web site. There are many good books available for beginners, but the best way to learn is to come to our club and get personal instruction.

After you've learned the basic rules, "The Interactive Way To Go" is an excellent site for practice.

"Igowin" is a small program that lets you play a 9x9 game against a computer opponent. The Windows version is free.  For smart phones, the Go game app from AI Factory is a good one to start with; there are many others.

Go players often use Japanese Go terms when talking about about the game. Read this list for commonly used terms.